Song and dance acts may come and go, but sometimes a standout appears, and when crafted into a fine gem by members of one of the music industry's top production and management teams, its brightness will continue to grow. Although it was her upbeat dancing that originally wowed fans at the top clubs in Charlotte, it's Cam-Ranh's strong voice that is carrying her to the top of the local market, and will be her springboard to national and international attention. With a varied background of judo and dance, large family, and having traveled to all 50 states by the time she was 10, Cam-Ranh is a metropolitan girl with a gypsy heart, a sassy vagabond whose unique voice and energetic dance lends her star power that is just beginning to shine. She is a brilliant star whose rise is just beginning...

Cam-Ranh Chandler

About AoM

Army of Music is a boutique label based in Charlotte, NC, established to recognize local talent to develop them both as artists and performers. Our Musical Artists fight for what they believe in, bringing their personal love of their art out in their music. Army of Music looks for artists who can not only fit one style of music but are willing to push the envelope and show that they have more to deliver than the average musician.  Army of Music's team of professionals and consultants bring their experience and drive to the table to help guide our artists in the right direction, and help make the right connections to ensure their success. Army of Music isn't tied down to one style of music.  We look for artists who have talent and that special something.  House, Hip-hop, Blues, Pop we do it all. With upcoming artists like Cam-Ranh Chandler signed to Army of Music, we only have one direction to go, and that's up.  Army of Music may be small now, but like an Army, we will continue to grow.


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Contact for booking: booking@armyofmusicrecords.com and booking@camranhchandler.com